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Window Dust Filter
Window Air Filter

Window Dust Filter

RESPILON® nanofiber window filter

It is unique.

Dangerous particles, bacteria, mold, smoke, diesel fumes, pollen, dust, microorganism protection for your home!

It provides the only real protection for the home or office.

The function of the nanofiber layer is to capture particles as small as 150 nm.

  • Stops 99% of smoke, dust, bacteria and allergen particles

  • Allows only  fresh air

  • Helps people lead a healthier life  

  • Transparent  ve breathable 

  • Stops the heat

  • 7 Years Lifespan

Window Filters are cleanable and very long-lasting filters with their specially designed aluminum framed aesthetic design.

These filters, which are widely used in Europe, are manufactured in desired dimensions. It has antibacterial properties against mold and bacteria. It improves indoor air quality with its high dust trap feature.

Product Detailed Description

Nano Membrane Window Filter

Do allergies, asthma or respiratory problems make your life difficult? 

Do you live on a busy street filled with smoke and exhaust fumes from cars? 

Is your home often polluted by dust or cigarette smoke from your neighbors? 

Nanofiber window filter RWM 5.0 will provide cleaner air in your home, reduce dusting and also allow you to breathe comfortably. 

Now you can finally sleep with an open window, no matter where you live.

How does the nanofiber window screen work?

The nano membrane in this window screen works like a microscopic sieve, mechanically blocking air pollution. Captures allergens, pollen, smoke, dust, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, mold spores, rain, insects and mites. At the same time, it maintains excellent breathability so that fresh air can enter.

Mechanically prevents air pollution

Provides reliable capture of dust, allergens, pollen, mold spores and cigarette smoke

Ideal choice for allergy sufferers, asthma sufferers and anyone with respiratory problems

Blocks smoke from a busy street and exhaust fumes from cars

Provides ventilation in light rain – Filter keeps rain out.

Protects from insects and mites

Highly reduces dust

It improves breathing and provides clean and healthy air.

Protects from UV light

TUV, Nelson Lab. is approved

It has a long service life of up to 7 years.

Nanofiber Filter Under Microscope

The pores in the nanofiber membrane are so small that they capture even the smallest particles from exhaust fumes (PM1.0) or smoke (PM2.5). However, since the oxygen molecules are even smaller than the pores in the nano membrane, they pass through the screen easily. In this way, RESPILON nanofiber maintains its high breathability.

* 1um = PM1.0 = size of exhaust smoke particles; 2um = PM2.5 = size of smoke particles

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