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Rooftop Klima Filtreleri - Rooftop AC Filter

Rooftop Klima Filtreleri

Standart ve Özel Ölçü Üretim

Kaset  Filtre - Torba Filtre - Mini Plate - Pleli Filtreler

G2 G3 G4 Kaset Filtreler - F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Torba Filtreler -  Mini Plate Filtreler - Yıkanabilir Kaset Filtreler

g4 eu4 kaset filtre - nanofiber kaset filtre



NanoFiber filters use 3-layer durable nonwomen filter media.

The filter frame is made of 6000 series oven-painted aluminum and galvanized sheet.

It is washable and does not deform when washed.

The NanoFiber filter is mounted on an aluminum frame and sealed with a special polyurethane gasket.

The replacement period for traditional G4 (Eu4) filters is 1 per year, and the replacement period for bag filters is 2 per year.

Thanks to all these magnificent features, the replacement period of NanoFiber Filters is 7 years. Offers Long Lifespan.  


NanoFiber filters are washable.

Thanks to its non-women structure, you can wash it as much as you want.

It does not deform when washed. It returns to its original state.

Drying time is very short.

It is resistant to pressurized water.

It does not require any chemical cleaners for cleaning.

Also, if you wish, you can clean it by blowing or vacuuming with compressed air.

All These Features are a few of the unique features of the Nanofiber Filter.


NanoFiber filtering is the best filtering technology available in the world.

It offers excellent filtration performance thanks to its 3-layer structure.

It provides clean and healthy air free from harmful particles and odor.

It is an antibacterial and antiviral filter.

It filters even harmful particles from 0.3 to 4 microns in size—including from sneezing —that cause diseases to spread. 

Traditional filters break down over time and oscillate, sticking to our lungs. Nanofiber filters do not break down and preserve their structure even after years. 

Filters Fine Dust, Allergens, Bacteria, Pollen, Fungi, Odor and all other harmful particles.

You can safely use it in Rooftop, Air Handling Units, Fancoil Units and All Air Conditioning and Ventilation devices.


In air handling units and HVAC systems, bag filters are used to increase filtration performance when pre-filtering is not sufficient. Bag filters cannot be washed due to their filter media and structure. They have nearly disposable lifetimes.

The particles of bag filters used in ventilation and air conditioning systems are determined as F4-F5-F6-F7-F8-F9 in EN779 standard according to their filtering performance. More information on standardsfrom hereyou can reach.

​The filtering performance of 1, 2.5 and 10 micron particles in ISO16890 standards has been taken into account. 

​NanoFiber filters

In ISO16890 Standard 

ISO Pm1 >85 and ISO Pm2.5 > 90 

F8 in EN779 Standards

Merv 14  in ASHRAE MERV Standards

It offers filtering performance.

This magnificent filtering performance allows you to use a single cassette nanofiber filter instead of a G4 cassette filter and a bag filter instead of using 2 filters in your systems. 

klima santrali filtreleri nelerdir
f5 f6 f7 f8 torba filtre - pocket filter


​The pressure drop that nanofiber filters will create in your system is 65 Pa. This is a very low value. Your system works more easily than before.

In this way, you can run your ventilator and aspirator fans at lower speeds / revolutions in your system. 


Fans operating at lower speeds provide significant energy savings. 

The decrease in energy costs will shorten the depreciation period of NanoFiber filters and will reduce the initial investment cost in a very short time.

But remember, in addition to paying for itself in less than 1 year, its useful life is years.

Learn more about the account and details of how much you can save.herefrom the document.

klima santrali enerji tasarrufu


​NanoFiber filters have a 3-layer structure.

Cassette filters are formed by the combination of 2 pieces of 3-layer filters. So a total of 6 layers.


Therefore, the filtering performance is very high. The Serpentine side of the NanoFiber filter hardly gets dirty.

As a result, you will be working on your system and device with almost no contamination serpentine and equipment.


This result greatly increases the device lifetime.

We would like to reiterate that the frame of the NanoFiber filter is extremely durable and is made of aluminum and galvanized sheet materials.

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